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A car title document.

When purchasing or selling a used vehicle, one of the most important pieces of documentation to have is the title of the car. While the small pink slip of paper may not seem like much, it includes a substantial amount of crucial information regarding the vehicle and serves a vital role in the purchase or sale of a used car. To learn more about what a car title is and why it’s important, continue reading.

What a Car Title Is

A car title, also known as a pink slip, is a legal form typically issued by the Secretary of State in the state where the vehicle sale took place, and it establishes a person as the rightful owner of a vehicle. It contains a significant amount of information regarding both the owner and the vehicle.

For example, a vehicle title will include the owner’s name and address, the model of the car, the sales date of the car, the car’s year, and the make of the car. There are many different types of car titles a vehicle can have—from clean to salvage—which largely depend on the vehicle’s condition and history.

Why a Car Title Is Important

There are many reasons why a car’s title is a vital piece of documentation to have when purchasing or selling a used vehicle. In addition to providing important information regarding the vehicle, which the seller can use to verify the legitimacy of the sale and make a more informed purchasing decision, the title is also necessary for registration purposes.

For the buyer to register the used vehicle in their own name, the previous owner needs to have signed the title over to them after the sale. Without this title, the buyer wouldn’t be able to legally drive their new vehicle, and the previous owner would retain responsibility for any damage caused by their old vehicle since their name would remain on the registration.

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