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A junky car.

While the terms “salvage” and “total loss” are often used interchangeably, they don’t refer to the same thing. The idea that salvage title vehicles are completely destroyed and don’t hold any value is a common misconception. Such a mindset prevents many people from appreciating the many advantages that purchasing a salvage vehicle provides. In reality, there is a big difference between a salvage car and a total loss. To better understand how the terms salvage and total loss are different from each other, continue reading.

The main difference

The main difference between a salvage title vehicle and a total loss is that a salvage vehicle can be repaired and become roadworthy again. While salvage vehicles have typically sustained a substantial amount of damage and are deemed a total loss by an insurance company, they aren’t completely destroyed.

Often, salvaged vehicles can become roadworthy again by repairing them, getting them inspected, and legally changing their title from salvage to rebuilt. True total loss vehicles don’t have this option and will never be safe to drive regardless of whether they undergo repairs or not.

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