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A junky old car.

Unfortunately, cars don’t last forever. Although it may be hard to say goodbye to your beloved vehicle, there comes a time when you need to live and let die. If your vehicle has been on its last legs for a while now, it may be a good idea to consider sending it to the vehicle graveyard. Hanging on to it for too long won’t just start racking up considerable repair costs—it could also begin to pose a threat to your safety. To help you determine whether to let go or not, consider these tell-tale signs it’s time to junk your car.

Its mileage is through the roof

One obvious sign that is if the number on its odometer has reached astronomical heights. The average lifespan of a vehicle is typically around 150,000 miles. However, the exact number will depend largely on the model, how well it was built, and how well you’ve maintained it. In some cases, vehicles can end up lasting up to 200,000 miles. That said, if your vehicle has surpassed the 200,000-mile mark, it probably doesn’t have much life left in it. As such, it’s not a bad idea to consider junking it soon.

A Never-ending need for repairs

Old, worn-out vehicles can turn into bottomless money pits due to all the repairs they require. While it’s normal for it to need the occasional repair to keep your car in good shape, frequent repairs are a good indication that the vehicle is nearing the end of its lifespan.

Small issues such as broken locks, dents, and a broken AC may not seem like that big of a deal; however, the combined cost of their repairs can be considerable. If your vehicle issues are larger, such as transmission or engine problems, repair costs may even end up exceeding the value of your vehicle. If you find yourself in and out of the auto shop or constantly tinkering under the hood of your car to resolve problems, that may be a sign it’s time to junk your vehicle.

It’s starting to look like a hunk of junk

We mean no disrespect, but if your vehicle is starting to look like a piece of junk, it’s probably time to send it to where it belongs—the junkyard. In other words, if duct tape is the only thing holding your vehicle together or it’s showing visible signs of rust, then it shouldn’t really be on the road. Rust can pose a significant safety risk for drivers as it may hurt the integrity of the vehicle, damage brake or gas lines, and eat away at the body of the car, resulting in dangerous fume leaks. As such, drivers who value safety should opt to junk their vehicle and get a new one.

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