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A car with a broken front fender in a junkyard.

The main reasons to salvage a car are all based on damages. Still, these damages are often easily repairable and worth a look. You may be surprised at the wide range of vehicles found at a salvage dealership and what happened to bring each one to that point.

Car Accident

This is the most obvious and common reason a car may become salvage.

Sadly, some car accidents are very scary and result in a severely damaged car. When damaged beyond repair or beyond what an owner is willing to repair, these cars end up at the salvage yard after insurance deems them a total loss.

Flood Damage

It may be horribly unexpected, but cars can be ruined from flood damage.

When living in a flood plain or an area that experiences hurricanes, car owners often choose flood insurance for their vehicles. But sometimes, the damage is too much.

When hunting for a salvage car, keep in mind that this form of damage can be easily hidden. Once the water dries up, a car may look just fine. However, the internal parts are likely damaged if they were not repaired.

Fire Damage

Fire damage, when severe, often destroys a car so significantly that salvage isn’t even possible. When caught quickly, though, there may be parts of a car that can be saved.

Even after repairs, the smell of smoke might forever be a problem unless the entire car is restored from the inside out.

Stolen Parts

Maybe the most unexpected of all, having parts stolen from a car is a shocking violation and frustrating for the owner. The cost of replacing parts is sometimes more than the value of a car. In this case, salvaging the car is the best option.

There are many reasons to salvage a car and many reasons to consider owning one. AE of Miami is your source for salvage cars in Miami. Contact us, and we can help you find the perfect salvage car to suit your needs.