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When a car has a rebuilt title, it means that an insurance company had declared the car totaled, likely due to a bad accident. The car is then repaired and inspected before its salvage title is replaced with a rebuilt one. Cars with rebuilt titles must pass state inspections that ensure they’re roadworthy, but some buyers are still hesitant to purchase them due to fear that issues from the accident may arise. As such, selling a vehicle with a rebuilt title can be more challenging than selling a vehicle without significant accident history. For tips on how to sell a car with a rebuilt title, continue reading.

A old, rusted car in a farm field.

Provide a vehicle history report

Providing a vehicle history report of the rebuilt car you’re trying to sell can ease the minds of potential buyers. The vehicle history report will include information regarding any accidents the vehicle was in, which mechanic certified the car, and what parts were replaced, along with any other pertinent information. You can obtain this report from the DMV or companies such as CARFAX or AutoCheck. When you provide a vehicle history report, buyers will have all the information they need to make a confident purchasing decision.

Show documented repair work

Failure or refusal to provide documented repair work is a red flag for many potential buyers. They often view this as a sign that the vehicle isn’t reputable or that the seller is trying to hide something. As such, you should gather all documented evidence of work performed on your rebuilt title vehicle to get it back up and running. Such evidence may include receipts from repairs, the name of the mechanic who worked on the vehicle, and copies of the paperwork used to get a new title.

Offer it at a lower price

When you’re selling a vehicle with a rebuilt title, you can expect it to sell at a lower price than other used vehicles with clean titles. Because rebuilt titles can be harder to insure and may require additional repairs due to their accident history, offering your vehicle at a lower price can make it more attractive to potential buyers.

The cost of a salvaged vehicle will depend on a wide variety of factors, such as the extent of the damage it received, where the damage occurred, and the quality of its repairs. As such, there isn’t a specific formula for calculating the value of a vehicle with a rebuilt title. However, you should generally be prepared to offer your vehicle for at least 50 percent lower than the cost of similar vehicles with clean titles.

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