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A common question for people who either own or are considering purchasing a salvaged vehicle that they intend to drive is, “Can I insure a salvaged car?” The short answer to this question is no, you can’t—at least not right away. However, that doesn’t mean that the vehicle can never be insured; you’ll just have to go through the process of changing its title first. To learn more about how to insure a salvage vehicle, continue reading.

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Step 1: Get a rebuilt title

Cars with salvage titles can’t legally be driven on the road, which means they can’t be insured. As such, the first step to insuring a salvage vehicle is to get its title legally changed from salvaged to rebuilt. To do so, the vehicle must undergo extensive repairs and get inspected. If your vehicle passes the inspection and is deemed roadworthy, you can then apply for a rebranded title from your state’s title department.

Step 2: Research insurance companies

After you’ve been issued a rebuilt title and the salvage title on the vehicle is cleared, you can then start searching for insurance companies that are willing to cover vehicles with rebuilt titles. Not all insurance companies offer coverage for vehicles that once had salvage titles. The companies that do will often offer only limited coverage—typically just liability insurance. Additional coverage options such as comprehensive or collision insurance may not be an option. As such, finding an insurance company that satisfies your needs and is also willing to cover your vehicle will likely require a fair amount of research.

Step 3: Apply for auto insurance

Once you’ve found an insurance company that is willing to cover a vehicle that once had a salvage title, it’s time to apply for coverage. To do so, the insurance company will likely require a statement ensuring that your car is roadworthy from the mechanic who completed your car’s inspection. In addition, you’ll also have to provide the insurance company with standard information and documentation, such as proof of vehicle registration, your driver’s license, a copy of the vehicle’s title, and the vehicle’s VIN.

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